The firm CINTRA, was founded in 1957, with the aim of improoving the already existent environmental security services in the market.

The human resources with which the Company counts is highly trained and specially devoted to their Jobs.
It counts with a reknown trajectory, based on the growth of the characteristics that represent it: honesty, responsability, and profesionalism, fullfilling the assume compromises with our customers, with highly competitive prices and a clear human compromise on behalf of the staff, with the continue enhacement.

Quality policy

CINTRA declares that the complete customers satisfaction, the environmental care, all its staff, and the general community security, care and health are a part of its priorities. Thats why, it compromisos to:

1. Work in the continue enhacement, on the products and services quality, the development in the environmental care, and all the peoples security and the health.
2. Keeping the operations efficently prooven, in the environmental care, health and security.
3. Contributing to the common effort of maintaining to protect the natural environment, health and security in work
4. Facilitate an open dialogue with our suppliers and customers, as well as the public in general